home join information & links about us members printer-friendly page your sleep problem may not be insomnia.... What are circadian sleep disorders? (see also the definitions page) john for as long as he can remember, john has had trouble falling asleep before 4am, or getting up before noon. free generic viagra no prescription He has tried to go to bed earlier, only to find himself lying awake until the early morning, when he can finally sleep. On days when john can stay in bed until noon, he feels ok. But if he tries to work a 9-5 job, he has an awful time. He still can't fall asleep until 4am, which means he only gets four hours of sleep. He feels very tired and sleepy during the day, but no matter how tired he is, he can't fall asleep until 4am. Some of john's friends say he sleeps in because he's lazy, but he's really not. He works very hard and, when he can get 8 hours of sleep he has plenty of energy. Other people say he can't sleep because he's worried, but john knows that's not the case. cheap viagra from canada If it's the right time of night for him to sleep, john sleeps fine. But he's frustrated at the difficulties in his work and personal life caused by his late night sleep pattern. viagra pills John has delayed sleep phase syndrome. cheapest viagra in australia Sally sally has a different problem. Some nights sally seems to sleep normally. She'll go to bed around 11 and get up at 7. But it never stays that way. Her bedtime keeps shifting by an hour each day. If she falls asleep at 11 on monday, she won't fall asleep until midnight on tuesday. And it will keep on changing — 1am, 2am, 3am. Unlike john, who always falls asleep by 4, sally's sleep time continues to delay until 5am, 6am and so on. Every couple of weeks sally finds that her sleep has delayed so much that she is sleeping all day and is awake all night. best site to buy viagra A few more weeks go by and her sleep time rotates around again until, for a little while, she's sleeping at a normal time. generic viagra without prescription Sally has never heard of anyone else with such an odd sleeping pattern. She tried explaining it to her doctor, but he didn't seem to understand and just thought she had insomnia. It's not that she can't sleep, she just sleeps at these strange times. She's worried about how she is going to find work or keep a social life with such an odd schedule. Sally has non-24 hour sleep-wake disorder. John and sally have circadian rhythm sleep disorders. There are other types as well. viagra 100 uk Circadian rhythm sleep disorders (crsds) are disorders of the timing of sleep. viagra women mayo People with crsds may have good quality sleep or poor quality sleep. They may sleep long hours or short. order viagra They may be energetic or tired. But what they have in common is a problem with the timing o. viagra without prescription